Three Government vehicles (‘G’ Vehicles) were among 37 vehicles detained by Police during Operation ‘Zero Tolerance’, over the Easter Weekend.

The 37 vehicles confiscated by police over the Easter Weekend in Operation ‘Zero Tolerance’ were for drunken driving and other road incidents and offences.

Commander South, Superintendent George Songi, confirmed to the Daily Post yesterday that the three Government vehicles were confiscated for alleged drunken behavior but would not comment further.

Other 34 vehicles were also arrested for similar and other related road incidents and offences, he said.

“Zero Tolerance focuses not only on traffic generally, but was also to provide security to citizens, residents and visitors in Port Vila and Efate and Vanuatu as well as properties and public places such as the Seafront across to Fatumaru Bay and throughout the capital and around Efate,” Commander South stressed when speaking to the Daily Post yesterday.

“With the growing population of Port Vila and adding more drunken behaviors of the locals, Port Vila and Vanuatu this only leads to spoil Vanuatu’s name as ‘the happiest place on earth’ and all leaders at all level of communities must work closely with the Government and the Vanuatu Police Force to address and redress these social unwanted behaviors,” said Superintendent Songi.

“There were road accidents and three sudden deaths reported but these occurred before we enforced ‘Zero Tolerance’ over the Easter period and the police are carrying out investigations into these incidents,” Commander South Superintendent Songi said.

He warns that Zero Tolerance will continue because there is a need to curb too much social unwanted behaviors in and around Port Vila today.

“Drunken and other social behaviors in and around Port Vila is increasing to the point where we need the cooperation of all community leaders including church leaders, chiefs and every leaders to dialogue more with the Government and the Vanuatu Police Force in finding short and long term solutions to these problem issues facing Vanuatu society, especially in towns and also in islands and villages,” the concerned Superintendent expressed.

“The Vanuatu Police Force cannot provide solutions to all these problems.

“The answers and solutions begin with parents at home and i also call for the church leaders and chiefs as well as everyone else who wants to see an end to these problems to step up all efforts in striking answers and solutions,” Songi said.

He extended his appreciation and that of the Vanuatu Police Force, first to the Public Service Commission for technical support and to the Vanuatu Police Project for the financial support for Operation ‘Zero Tolerance’ and cooperation of the general members of the public.

“To note far too many drunken behaviors and unwanted social problems occurring during the Easter Weekend, especially on ‘Good Friday and Easter Sunday’ which are supposed to be the most holiest Christian events on Christian and world calendar, clearly shows that many young, as well as older groups of ni-Vanuatu need to come to better understand the true and real meanings of Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

“The experiences of 2017 Easter Celebrations, is a wake-call for church leaders, and also for every community leaders, because this is a Christian country and yet we see such behaviors happening before our eyes.

“Of course the Vanuatu Police Force will continue to ensure that law and order is maintained at all times, but the evidence of such behaviors such as increased drunkenness and social problems must have answers through the churches and all community leaders,” he stressed.

In conclusion, Superintendent George Songi, assured the Government, all community leaders and the Vanuatu Public at large that the Vanuatu Police Force will continue to do its best to provide and uphold law and order.

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