Minister bans

MALFFB Minister has banned official vehicles at kava bars

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity, Matai Seremaiah, is reported to have ordered his staff to make sure all G-plated vehicles are returned to their parking lots at half past four sharp.

The Minister has specifically said he won’t see or receive reports of any vehicle from any of the five Departments under MALFFB namely Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity at kava bars or social clubs.

He also warned that no driver under the influence of alcohol is expected to drive any vehicle belonging to any of the Departments.

Independent sources have confirmed he has instructed his First Political Adviser to repair “as soon as possible” a G-vehicle that was involved in an accident twelve months ago.

It is also understood MALFFB has experienced two accidents involving two official vehicles in Luganville during the recent festive season.

The Minister could not be reached by phone for comment.

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