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Women Against Corruption and Crime (WACC) members line up, Dr. Andrina Thomas is third from left

By Len Garae

The Pro-active Mamas (PAM) Network is organising a major fundraising event at Saralana Park today to raise as much money as possible towards a lifesaving operation of one of members, Dr. Andrina Thomas.

A prominent human rights advocator, Dr. Andrina Thomas is currently battling a life-threatening illness that requires her to travel to New Zealand for her operation next month.

Chairlady of PAM Jenny Ligo is asking on fellow human rights advocators and community development agents to donate a minimum of Vt20,000 to help their colleague.

“Your generosity will go a long way in making a difference and a win-win for everyone”, she urges.

Please make your deposits directly to the following Bank Account:-

Name: Pro-Active Mamas

Bank: Bred Bank, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Account Number: 00487253010012.

PAM Network was set up immediately following Cyclone Pam in 2015, to mobilise various associations, NGOs, community-based organisations and women’s groups to assist in natural and manmade disasters, reduce domestic violence, brutal killings, crime and corruption and improving women’s chances of obtaining positions of authority.

The Chairlady says Dr. Andrina Thomas, long-time national human rights, gender and anti-corruption advocator; urgently needs to return to New Zealand for her doctors to carry out an operation to allow her to return to normal life.

“A total of Vt2.3 million has been committed towards the overall total bill of Vt6 million. A further Vt3.7 million has yet to be sourced”, she explains.

While today’s emergency event is expected to attract both PAM members and interested individuals and families, the Chairlady says generous individuals and families have started giving towards the appeal. A proper thank you note will be issued in due cause.

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