L-r: Deputy Lord Mayor and Minister and Pastor Temar officiating handing over of Constitution to Executive of ni-Vanuatu Art & Craft Association

By Len Garae

One woman called Florence from North Pentecost pioneered a vision of selling her own products to visitors to Port Vila and today, her vision has blossomed into the ni-Vanuatu Art & Craft Association with 87 members that launched their Constitution outside Port Vila Market House before yesterday.

As the first such Association with its own Constitution first launched in 2006, the current President, Esther Lui says what makes the amended document special is that it is written based on contributions from its members.

She explains, “The former constitution was suitable for the period but since then time and ideas have changed and the current members who are all women feel it is only right that they contribute their ideas towards the content of the document since it belongs to them and they are proud to take ownership of it”.

Vanuatu Christian Council Secretary General Pastor Shem Temar who was involved in the former constitution says he welcomes the current document because it is guided by the wisdom of its members.

He says women are the ones that “make and save money” for the families.

He says the Bible is clear that God’s intent is to bless those who use their own natural ability to make money. “This is not the same as those of us who work in offices and companies for other people to pay us because we do not use our own natural abilities to make a living,” Pastor Temar explains.

He says “God’s intent” is not for people to suffer as a result of NCD but to enjoy good health.

Minister of Home Affairs Alfred Maoh congratulated the members and challenges them to produce more “made in Vanuatu” products.

He looks forward to visiting their stalls to buy quality local products made in Vanuatu by ni-Vanuatu artists.

After the signing of the Constitution, Pastor Temar handed over the document to the Minister and Deputy Lord Mayor who in turn handed it over to the Executive of the ni-Vanuatu Art & Craft Association.

Pioneer Florence led the members to cut the cake followed by a delicious lunch.

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