Graduating students with the Dean of the Universitie Toulouse 1 Capitole , Francis Querol

Graduating Students with the Dean of the Universitie Toulouse 1 Capitole, at the Convention Centre yesterday afternoon

By Godwin Ligo

The Dean of the Université Toulouse 1 Capitole in France, Francis Querol, has described the standard of the French University (AUF) in Vanuatu as ‘ very high’.

He said the students have a strong will power and a proven driven force of interest in studies with the Universitie of Toulouse 1 Captole.

“The level of standard is almost the same with French students studying at the Universitie of Toulouse 1 Capitole, back in France,” he told the Daily Post yesterday afternoon ahead of the graduation ceremony at the Convention Centre.

Having been to Vanuatu three times before, the Toulouse Unversitie 1 Capitole Dean said the students at the Vanuatu French Universitie, will soon rise to the same level because of the great determination, hard work and serious input that the ni-Vanuatu students place on their studies at the French Universities here.

“I am pleased to say that these students graduating today, are the future human resources of the country of Vanuatu,” said Dean Francis Querol.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Convention Centre in the presence of Francis Quérol, Dean of the Faculty of Administration and Communication representing the President of University Toulouse I Capitole, Gilles Favret, French Ambassador in Vanuatu, Timothée Kolomulé, Head of AUF Port Vila, and Gaétan Pikioune, Minister of Finance and Acting Minister of Education.

At the ceremony, 20 young Vanuatu students received their Bachelor Degrees in Economics and Social Administration obtained at the end of 2016. Some of them have already joined the professional world, while others have chosen to continue their studies in the Masters program “Economics and Social Sciences” proposed this year in partnership with UT1 Capitole University.

Before the graduation ceremony and in order to pursue the partnership initiated in 2013, a new agreement on the AES bachelor’s degree and the ESS Master was signed between the representative of the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole and the Ministry Education, Training and the Francophonie of Vanuatu.

This cooperation offers the possibility for Vanuatu students to pursue their studies in the five years training level, enabling them to acquire cross-functional skills in the fields of economics, management, law and sociology.

The teaching team, from Toulouse and Vanuatu, was warmly thanked by the Minister of Education who congratulated the teachers on their day-to-day involvement with the students and thus led them to the success celebrated by all.

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