French Artist Tagh is inviting everyone to discover his latest paintings with the theme of exotic landscape and Ambae during his vacation in Vanuatu.

Tagh was part of the ascension of the Volcano Vui one month and a half ago, and shares his emotions through his art.

The exhibition will take place at the “Alliance Francaise” September 10th to 15th, thanks to sponsors Fusion productions and Wilco.

Half of the funds collected will be offered to Ambae residents who have been evacuated.

“I decided to do this art show after my adventure in Ambae,”said Tagh.

“I was enchanted by the hospitality of the locals, the chiefs, the villages as well as their help and their spirit of sharing. I discovered people at the other end of the world who are happy and live simply and in harmony with the nature around them and who live in the present moment. The freedom of the children touched me a lot, I met people who live with very little but who have a big freedom. I wanted to honor them and give them something in return.

“I had to adapt my art work with the products available here to create a “Travel Journal”. I did them on wood to be closer to the exotic style. To create by the seashore was a calming and inspiring experience. I like to make people travel through my art and when someone come and see my painting and express his or her emotions, that makes me want to create more.”

The exhibition commenced at 5pm yesterday.

The art show will be open to the public every day from 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 6pm.

Tagh lives in Paris in a collective of artists and took this opportunity to create a series of paintings aside from his regular style, you can discover more on his website at

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