Copies of buses

Principal and students with models of buses to arrive soon

Starting at the beginning of next term, parents of all students that study at Goodwill School won’t need to worry about bus fares for their children anymore because they are going to ride for free on any of the three school buses that pick them up in the morning and drop them after school in the afternoon.

This good news was announced at the monthly Goodwill School parents day this month. The three school buses are donated by Goodwill students and families in America.

The news was met with cheers from all students and parents present. They will be available for free use to Goodwill Students, for getting to and from school in Vila.

Every month the students, teachers and parents of Goodwill School come together so that the parents have the opportunity to see what the children have been learning and also speak with the teachers.

Many of the parents said they were thankful for the monthly meeting with teachers as a valuable opportunity to help their children more. “Being able to talk with the teachers each month made a big difference and then to hear about the new buses, we are all very happy,” ,” one father said.

The attendance of parents to these monthly meetings is strongly encouraged by a highly respected and experienced Principal of Goodwill School, Charlie Morrison.

He said yesterday, “We believe parents are the main influence in children’s lives. Our goal as highly qualified and experienced teachers is to build a relationship with the child and with the family.

“As your child develops a sense of trust in us and the school environment, they learn to separate from you with confidence knowing you will return at the end of the school day. We respect each person’s need to experience the separation process in his or her own way, and are here to help the children express their feelings as they build meaningful relationships with us.

“We believe that when a child’s social and emotional needs are met, he or she can participate fully in the wide range of learning opportunities here at school.

“Children will become familiar with the routines of a classroom environment and benefit from gaining a sense of what it is like to be part of a larger group. These will then grow to be balanced and wise leaders of the future and we are here to serve and help them as experienced teachers and parents.”

Local business owner John Tonner and teacher Cathy Tonner, also gave out some warm socks during the day. John Tonner said, “These children here are a gift from God to this nation and they are our treasure to protect and educate. It is wonderful to see our children of Vanuatu growing in confidence and with many new skills. It’s a credit to the great teachers who have studied for so many years to be able to help them today to make a better future for tomorrow.”

He said that the Goodwill free school buses are expected to arrive and be ready for use at the beginning of next term for free use by Goodwill School students as a goodwill sign between nations and students and families to help the future leaders of Vanuatu!

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