Former councilor thanked supporters

Former Shefa Provincial councilor, Willie Ben Kalmasei

By Glenda Willie

Former councilor of the Shefa Provincial Government, Willie Ben Kalmasei has acknowledged his supporters who continued to have confidence in his leadership and have voted for him in the Provincial election.

Although he did not manage to secure a seat, he said he has confidence in his political career, as he has numbers in all polling stations within Efate rural.

He also took the opportunity to congratulate all new councilors of Shefa Provincial Government.

He wished to remind them to focus on their goals and objectives as they carry out their responsibilities in their new roles as councilors and make decisions for the best interests of their people.

While serving his four year term within the Shefa Provincial council, the former councilor helped communities in need. Knowing that staying healthy must be a  priority in a person's life, the former councilor used part of his allocation to ensure people across Efate including the off-shore islands, accessed medical check-ups, free of charge.

Kalmasei is the only Shefa Provincial councilor who produced financial reports of his allocations’ spending.

Even before he became an elected councilor four years ago, Kalmasei assisted many communities including organizing an annual Mother’s Day celebration for Erakor Bridge Community as well as the surrounding communities.

The former councilor said he will continue to provide support and assist the people in the communities.

Kalmasei was elected councilor in 2012 under the Graon mo Jastis Pati ticket (GJP). In the recent Provincial election, he contested as an Independent candidate.

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