Forecasters equipped with skills on new integrated weather forecasting

Weather forecasters

By Glenda Willie

The weather forecasters recently underwent a training, advancing their skills on how to operate the new integrated system and to disseminate weather information throughout the country in a flexible and timely manner to all the users and stakeholders.

The two-week training was conducted by Mr. Yves Magliulo from the Meteo France International (MFI) at the same time saw the installment of the new Integrated Weather Forecasting System (IWFS) at the forecast section.

Comparing the current system to the previous one, Mr. Jerry said from now on they will no longer be using the Microsoft word to disseminate information however everything will be web-based which means that with just a click on a button, all information will automatically be updated on website and be sent via email to all the clients.

At the end of the two weeks training Mr. Yves awarded the eight participants from the forecasting team with certificates.

Senior Forecaster, Levu Antfalo said, the new setup will help them to spend more time on forecast, which will help to improve the quality of information given out.

The MFI team will be back in May or June this year for the final part of this activity to conduct a monitoring training for the system with the forecasting team.

After the training this activity will be 100% complete for the component 2 of the Vanuatu Coastal Adaptation Project (VCAP)

Mr. Jerry Also acknowledged VCAP project for providing great assistance in supporting the upgrade of the new integrated system within the Department and also will eventually install the Automated Weather Systems in all Provinces starting from Torres down to the southern part of the Country.

This will contribute a lot in providing quality information to be released to the public.

The training was funded by the Global Environment Facility and Coordinated by UNDP through the Ministry Of Climate Change.

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