Sadness written on faces on these Ambaeans taken previously at Sarabulu Church

Ambae’s stock of emergency food supplies at Sarabulu Church above Harbour View Restaurant in Port Vila, has finally run out and the generous business houses as well as individual Ambaeans working in Port Vila are urged to refill the tent with more food as the original 600 Ambaean victims of the Manaro disaster, has increased to 1,300 and they urgently need food.

Elder Edson David and Michael Lulu who coordinate the distribution of food at the Supply Centre have joined the main man behind the charity project, Henry Vira, to thank Vanuatu Water for its constant donations of cartons of water, and once again appeal to the good citizens of Ambae as well as business houses of Port Vila and kind hearted individuals, to contribute towards the appeal to feed the increasing number of Ambaean victims in Port Vila.

In fact, after sending out the latest appeal through the social media, Henry Vira walked the talk by being the first donor to drop off a bag of rice in the white tent yesterday morning.

Henry Vira and Coordinators Elder Edson David and Michael Lulu, all confirmed the food supply has run dry.

Meanwhile Vira is reported to have renewed the committee’s appeal to all business houses to continue to show his people their “big heart” and continue to help the Ambaeans.

“So far all the food supplies and drinking water that have been exhausted had been donated by individual communities of Ambae and business houses of Port Vila but the Government has not responded yet”, explain the coordinators.

“The committee has already contacted the National Disaster Management Office and it is still waiting for a response”.

The committee says already victims have arrived at the Centre and asked for food and were told the heartbreaking truth saying, “Sorry there is no food left”.

“For this reason here we are again appealing to all generous Ambaeans and anybody with a willing heart to donate towards the appeal”.

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