Five Vanuatu teachers recruited for Nauru

The MOET welcomed its new DG and Directors and farewelled the teachers that were recruited to teach in Nauru in its Prayer Breakfast this week.

Five teachers from Vanuatu have been recruited to teach in Nauru for two years.

They will be teaching in primary and secondary schools starting in term one of this year.

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) agreed to help the government of Nauru solve its problem of teacher shortage, following a request from the Nauru’s Education Minister Charmaine Scotty during the USP 86th Council Meeting in Nauru last year.

Nauru is struggling to meet the demand of qualified teachers in different subjects and schools, Minister Scotty told Vanuatu’s Minister of Education, Jean Pierre Nirua, on her visit to Port Vila last year to discuss the possibility of hiring teachers from Vanuatu.

She said Nauru has been looking abroad to other Pacific countries like Fiji to fill its teaching force.

Minister Nirua assured his colleague during their discussions that Vanuatu has sufficient teachers to meet Nauru’s demand.

One of the teachers selected for the Nauru recruitment has already left. Two more will leave once they receive their tickets from the MOET.

The other two declined the job offer after being selected.

In its Prayer Breakfast to start off 2019, the MOET offered farewell and a dedication prayer for the two departing teachers.

Minister Nirua told the teachers to be ambassadors of Vanuatu and make a difference to the children and communities of Nauru.

Sending Vanuatu teachers to work abroad is a great opportunity to expose Vanuatu teachers in international education arena.

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