Five suspects arrested

Inter-islands community no-nonsense chief of Ohlen Freshwind, Chief Peter Yamak of Tanna, has expressed regret over the stoning of a well-respected community leader at the door of his house by a drunk last Friday night.

Chief Yamak has also confirmed the arrests of five young suspects following the incident on the road, which spilled up the slope to the private home.

He has asked the police to keep them behind bars until investigations are completed.

“It started with a young man who was walking home after kava when the drunks assaulted him.

“Desperate for somewhere to hide, he hid on the private property.

“From his hiding place, he stoned his assailants and at the same time, the man came out of his house concerned by the level of noise.

“That was when he was mistaken by the drunks to be the man who stoned them and one of them threw a stone which opened a gash at the back of his head,” the chief said.

He received emergency treatment by Pro Medical and was rushed to hospital.

His daughter was slightly injured after one of the stones was thrown through the window which broke two glass louvres of her bedroom.

The victim’s wife said they appealed to the Police Station for immediate intervention but apparently there was no truck available.

She said police are concerned Ohlen Freshwind is crime prone and is not safe to drive there at night.

All peace loving residents of the area also complained of the level of obscene language used by the drunks.

Community leaders of Ohlen Flick and Ohlen Freshwind are united in their plea to the Minister of Internal Affairs to open a Sub Police Post at Ohlen.

Chief Yamak says the request is not new.

“We have already raised the request and the police agree with us saying, it is up to the Government to find and purchase the land,” he said.

He says a police post cannot be built on private property.

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