Environmental issues have placed on hold the progress into the construction works on the proposed Five Star Hotel site opposite the Daily Post.

This has been confirmed by the MG Global Communication Relation Officer yesterday afternoon.

Thompson Marango informed Daily Post that MG Global had acquired a space also in Melcoffee area and the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) which is contracted to carry out the excavation works is using the area (Melcoffee) to stockpile the earth that are being dug out from the hotel’s site.

Melcoffee has been chosen because it is closer to the hotel site so as to speed up the works, but not a permanent dumping space. The pile of earth and quarry would be removed later, Marango said.

MG Global however received a “Stop Work” notice from the Department of Environment in June, and requested the company concerned to comply with certain requirements in accordance to the Environment Act.

According to Marango, they respected the instructions from Environment Department and have worked with the relevant authorities to address the issue.

The Communication Relation Officer also confirmed that MG Global has adhered to the requirements and addressed the environmental concerns and is currently awaiting a restoration letter from the department concern so normal operation can resume.

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