Fireman says drunkard was restrained, not attacked

A senior fireman has refuted accusations in an article carried by Daily Post that he allegedly assaulted a security officer near the market house in Port Vila.

The officer who did not wanted to be named clarified that John Lori, the security officer, was allegedly very drunk and started the fight with one of his friends at the time.

The fireman said he intervened because they are related and tried to calm him down but the security officer was too drunk and could not control himself.

He said Lori drew the first punch before he applied self-defense, wrestled him down and talked to him.

He said it was never his intention to pick a fight with Lori but to calm him down after the security officer was too angry fighting with someone he was with at the night.

He said that after some discussions, the security officer regained his sense and said sorry and they forgave each other before he left.

The senior VMF officer said that he even asked his cousin if he needed a lift because he was concerned about his wellbeing that night but he said he will find a ride home.

He said he gave the security officer Vt500 for bus fare to go home before he drove off, adding to say that he was assaulted and then left unattended covered with blood was misleading.

He said they had evidence the security was allegedly drinking at his workplace before he was taken away from the company premises because he started to lose control.

The fireman says witnesses found Lori in a brawl again with another market security officer hours later when he had already gone home.

The fireman continued that they already shook hands and resolved the matter with Mr Lori and he admitted that he was too drunk and said he was really sorry for his actions.

He said as a senior within the VMF, it is his duty to keep peace within the community and that was exactly what he was doing to break up the fight between Lori and one of his friends.

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