The body of the late President Womtelo Reverend Baldwin Lonsdale, will be rested at Arep Bilingual Secondary School on Vanualava Island where Torba Provincial Government is headquartered, according to a close source in Torba.

The name of Arep Bilingual Secondary School will be changed to “Lonsdale Memorial College” where the body of the late President Womtelo Baldwin Lonsdale, will be finally rested tomorrow (Wednesday 21st June) a close source on Torba told the Daily Post by phone from Motalava Island yesterday morning.

This was also confirmed by a family member in Port Vila.

He added that while the families of the late President Womtelo Baldwin Lonsdale, had wanted his body to be rested on his own home island, they agreed to the decision for his final resting place to be at Arep Bilingual Junior Secondary School and for the name-change to Lonsdale Memorial College.

In the meantime, the students of Wongyeskwi French Secondary School built on his homeland in Motalava, remain in mourning with the rest of the population of Motalava yesterday and will continue until Wednesday when the body of the late President Womtelo Reverend Baldwin Lonsdale, is finally rested on Vanualava.

On Wednesday (tomorrow), the body of the late President will be flown first to his home island on Motalava to allow his families and the population of his island to pay their final respect to him, before being flown to Sola, Vanualava for burial.

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