Final consultation on draft Bill of the Vanuatu Copyright Management Society

Participants at the final consultation on the draft Bill of the Vanuatu Copyright Management Society

Chief Seni Mao Trisupe, the Chairman of Malvatumauri council of chiefs of Vanuatu, has expressed his disappointed that a lot of chiefs in and around Port Vila did not participate in the final consultation on the draft Bill of the Vanuatu Copyright Management Society No. of 2017 held at the Chiefs Nakamal Monday.

He said the consultation was important because it provided an important opportunity for the Government to hear from chiefs in this important piece of draft legislation.

Chief Tirsupe thanked the Government for choosing the Chiefs Nakamal for the consultation.

Fr. John Steven Huri of the Vanuatu Intellectual Property Office in Port Vila said the law will change the way the people of Vanuatu do business with their artistic or literary works.

“The draft Bill is very important for Copyright owners in Vanuatu as it will administer the economic rights of the different categories of Copyright works in Vanuatu.”

The consultation on Monday included explanation by Angelyne Dovo of the State Law Office who went through all the sections of the draft Bill with the participants.

After that the participants discussed the draft Bill in groups and then reported back to the consultation session before the end of the day. The drafting team from the State Law Office took the points back to revise the draft before the final draft went to Parliament. The same process took place at the last consultation that was held at the Vanuatu Cultural Centre last week.

One of the points noted by the drafting team at this session was that the CEO of the Board of the Copyright Management Society would be responsible for establishment of Provincial Copyright Management Societies.

This Bill is listed for the Second Ordinary Session of the Parliament of Vanuatu from December 11 through 19, 2017.

“This is the final consultation on the Bill. Usually, when we are finalizing Bills to go before Parliament we do not hold consultations this close to Parliament meeting.

“This is one of the very first times since I joined the SLO and head this unit, that we are doing this because the Bill is so important to our artists, our musicians for their different kinds of works in Vanuatu and the process with the finalization of the Bill is really good,” Ms. Dovo said.

The Bill provides for the establishment, operation and regulation of the Vanuatu Copyright Management Society and for other related matters.

The functions of the Society includes determining the criteria for, and class of, membership of the society; representing and defending the interests of its members; and promotion of national creativity in musical work, expression of indigenous culture, indigenous knowledge and other works.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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