Filipino community celebrates independence day

Minister Regenvanu and Consul General of Vanuatu to Shanghai, Charlie Chueng joined Consul Bong and wife in the cake cutting ceremony during Philippines 121th Independence Day in Port Vila Photo: Minister Ralph R

Filipinos living and working in Port Vila celebrated their country’s 121st independence anniversary at the Chinese Club last Sunday.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Port Vila and Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Ralph Regenvanu, his wife Jenny Regenvanu as a Port Vila Municipal Councilor and a few staff from the ministry joined the celebration.

The Independence anniversary is always a celebration of history and culture for Filipinos residing away from home.

It is one of the most important annual event for Filipinos in Vanuatu, recognizing the struggle of their leaders who have gave up their lives to free their country from colonial rule.

When delivering his independence day address, Philippine Consulate in Vanuatu, Florentino Bong Serano, said: “As Filipinos working and living in Vanuatu, we should always show our courage and determination to succeed in everything we do in our work places with our fellow workers and help all the people we meet, either Ni-Vans or other nationalities.

“As free people, we have to stand up for the values of truth, honor, sacrifice and patriotism that our ancestors have demonstrated ever since our country was founded. These values will benefit our community and country as a whole.

“I am proud to inform you that the relationship between our two countries ( Vanuatu and Philippines) had reached a new height with the recent visit of our new Ambassador, Hellen Dela Vega, following her appointment.

“We are working to renew cooperation between the two countries and to ensure that your rights and welfare are protected.”

Consul Serrano thanked the Minister of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the government and people of Vanuatu for giving them a home away from home.

Minister Regenvanu congratulated them the government of Philippines for its 121st independence anniversary. He extended congratulations on behalf of the Government and people of Vanuatu to every Filipinos in Vanuatu and abroad.

He also acknowledged the Filipino Community in Vanuatu for contributing to the country’s development.

Almost 200 Filipinos are residing in Vanuatu.

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