This year, the South Pacific’s longest-running contemporary music festival, Fest’Napuan, will be running from the 24th to 27th October, and is back at its longtime home, Saralana Park in Port Vila.

The nation’s much-loved string bands will entertain at Fest Nalenga on Wednesday 24th, with Fest’Napuan international and local artists performing reggae, hip-hop, folk and rock styles to appear on Thursday October 25th, Friday October 26th and Saturday October 27th.

This year the festival will not be featuring Zion Fest as part of its schedule, with the Zion Fest having already happened in May at Freshwater Field. This decision will be reassessed for Fest’Napuan in future years.

The festival this year will be celebrating a special theme, “Protektem Envareonmen blong Yumi”.

The theme will highlight important environmental messages around climate change and also reducing plastic waste in light of recent legislation to ban single-use plastic in Vanuatu, particularly as Fest’Napuan works to reduce its environmental impact as one of the largest events in Vanuatu through more sustainable management practices.

The festival theme will also extend to concepts such as environmental conservation, sustainable environmental management and traditional environmental knowledge.

The 2018 logo, designed again by local artist David Abong, seeks to represent the links between humans and their impact on the environment, featuring a guitar whose strings unfold to become ocean waves, in which swim some of our local marine life.

This representation indicates the links between culture and the environment, and how our actions impact on our surroundings.

This year, Fest’Napuan will partner with a variety of environmental organisations to assist in implementing the important theme messages. Fest’Napuan especially welcomes the platinum sponsorship this year from the annual Climate Zone Competition – a collaboration between GIZ, Vanuatu Forest Association, Ministry of Climate Change and the Ministry of Education. The competition involves every secondary school in Vanuatu in a knowledge competition on climate and disaster.

The live game show-style final is to be held during the daytime sessions at Fest’Napuan 2018, as one of the festival theme features.

Thanks to its sponsors — including this year TVL and VBTC as Platinum Sponsors — as usual it’s a free event and alongside all the kava, food and merchandise stalls, thousands of guests can expect the very best of Vanuatu’s vibrant music scene.

The festival will also be seeking to improve its disability access and advocacy messaging to be a more inclusive festival for our more vulnerable community members.

Get ready for a greener and cleaner festival, with excellent international and local acts, all working to promote the protection our environment in Vanuatu, and the enjoyment of the festival for all!

With this year’s Fest’Napuan only going for four days rather than the usual five, the price of a stall has also been reduced, from the usual Vt40,000 to only Vt32,000 per stall. For this price, you can sell anything but alcohol. People interested in a stall should contact Jenny on 25251.

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