A female performer at the 2014 Fest’Napuan.

One of this year’s criteria for local participants in the annual Fest’Napuan music festival is that all local bands must have a female performing with the group.

The organising committee of Fest’Napuan 2017 stated this yesterday in a reminder to all Vanuatu musicians and bands to submit their application to perform at the festival.

The music festival is normally held annually around the month of October, but in 2017 only the Fest’Napuan will be held in December to coincide with the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games.

This year Fest’Napuan has partnered with Van2017 to hold the event as part of the Mini Games — because in a similar way to the Fest’Napuan, the Pacific Games and Mini Games have been bringing together people from across the Pacific to showcase their skills and talents in a single event.

It will be a chance for local talented musicians to appear before a big audience of local and international guests.

To apply for a spot in the Fest’Napuan line-up, artists can download an application form from the Fest’Napuan website at

Applications can also be picked up at Florabunda, Further Arts or Wan Smol Bag.

Fest’Napuan reminds all applicants that they must maintain good standing with the organising committee and must definitely include at least one female member inside their line-ups.

The deadline for applications for Fest’Napuan at Van2017 is September 1.

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