ETP Ltd to do stockpiling and excavation works on three islands

Manager Operations, Mr. Alex Palavi receiving the contract from Minister of MIPU, Jotham Napat yesterday.

By Glenda Willie

Infrastructural works including stockpiling and excavation of quarry are expected to commence soon on three islands in Vanuatu.

This has been confirmed through a signing between the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Jotham Napat and Alex Palavi, the Manager Operations of ETP Ltd on Monday.

ETP Ltd is the winning bidder to carry out the works, specifically, stockpiling on Neramb and Tisman on Malekula, and on Paras on Epi.

The local contractor has been applauded for being the only company to bid for excavation works towards road upgrade on Herald Bay on Futuna.

Futuna Island is known for its steep rocky slopes and cliff and the people on the island are expected to witness an impressive outcome of their new roads once completed. Works on Futuna are planned to kick off on October 30 and all works are to be completed by November 24, 2017.

Machines will be shipped to Malekula this week and Stockpiling of quarry on Malekula is expected to commence on the 18th of this month and later on Epi around September 26.

The stockpiling of quarry will be undertaken in preparation for road constructions on Malekula and Epi.

Totaled at approximately Vt37 million, the project is fully funded by the Government and has been approved by the Council of Ministers (CoM).

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