Caring mama

Different colours one love as little girl takes nap in comforting arms of ‘Vanuatu Mama’ Photo:Berry/Talemaot Page

Mothers from Vanuatu or Vanuatu Mamas can rest assured that an American family believes there is no other group like them anywhere on earth.

The family writes, “They have my complete love, respect and trust. Of course I trusted Nathan to take the girls to the bush without me this week, but I knew he wouldn’t have to do it all alone.

“A country much poorer than the U.S. and not one single orphanage, why? You would have to meet the hardest working, most selfless group of women on earth -the Vanuatu Mamas.

“They aren’t too busy perusing their goals or chasing some false sense of accomplishment like we (in the US) are guilty of sometimes, they spend their time working hard in their gardens and washing their clothes and life here is very hard but they always have time for you. They always have room to include one more to help one more to take one more into the community.

“Here we all look out for each other’s kids and I love them and love having them come play at my house and I know my kids are having a blast and well looked after when they play at others houses.

“It’s a sisterhood and the Vanuatu Mamas as a whole are the strongest most beautiful group of people I have ever seen. They have loved my children well and I am eternally in their debt”.

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