Equipping community leaders with skills to analyse problems

Workshop participants.

A workshop held at Emua in north Efate recently aims to equip chiefs, youth and church leaders with special skills to analyst problems and bring change to their communities.

The one-week Social Analyse Workshop was facilitated by the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu Education Authority (PCVEA) and the Institute of Mission and Research of the Pacific Theology College in Fiji.

PCVEA Secretary, Jonathan Tarip, said community leaders sometimes fail to solve arising problems because they never get to the root of the matter.

“They did not think carefully to identify, analyse and examine solutions before making a decision. They did not step back to look at the problem at a broader perspective,” he said.

Participants from around Efate and Efate offshore islands said they have gained new knowledge and skills of problem solving from the workshop.

Apsolom, a member of the Nangire Church said: “The workshop was an eye-opener. It has taught us how to approach situations with a broader perspective.

“Sometimes, people jump quickly into conclusions and point fingers at others when problems arise. For example, blaming parents over broken homes.

“Every one of us live in a community and we belong to one country, we should be building each other up. We should start focussing on addressing problems in a healthy way instead of judging each other.

“Our (participants) challenge now after the workshop is putting the new ideas into practice.”

The Deputy Principal of Onesua Presbyterian College, David Naviti, who deals with student discipline said the workshop has taught him ways to create positivity in a problem.

“Issues I have to deal with at the school include marijuana consumption, boy/girl relationship, smoking and drinking and absence in class, farm and sports activities.

“With the new tactics of solving problems that I have learnt, I will now be able to change the situation. Instead of taking action straight away, I will find out why students are behaving this way.”

Pastor Solomon Vanuaroro from Vila North Session said he will use his new knowledge to explore the issue of poor attendance to Sunday services and other programs organised by his church.

The participants have received certificates of participation at the end of the workshop.

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