Epi High School celebrating Golden Jubilee soon

Epi High School on Epi will be hosting its 50th Golden Jubilee from August 11 to 13

Epi High School (EHS) will be commemorating its 50th Golden Jubilee soon with a lot of exciting activities and programmes to showcase the achievements that are part of the school since its establishment 50 years ago.

The three-day celebration is scheduled from August 11 to 13.

The staff and students of EHS under the leadership of Principal Lency Yona have begun preparations for this year’s golden jubilee celebrations.

Some current national leaders that were once EHS students will be present at the big event to talk about their past experiences.

‘Commemorating Our Past, Creating Our Future’ is the theme of the 50th Golden Jubilee celebration.

Fundraising events have been organised to raise funds for the celebration. The next fundraising will be held at the school this coming Friday.

EHS Alumni groups , ex-students and politicians from Epi and Shefa are encouraged to participate or contribute to make the event successful.

The Organizing Committee of EHS Golden Jubilee Celebration has created an account at the National Bank of Vanuatu (NBV) to get contributions from Ex-Students or other people who are not residing on Epi but want to help the school celebrate its 50th anniversary. The NBV account number is 0084732003.

Located in the north-western part of Epi Island, EHS has been the only English secondary school responding to the needs of children on Epi and nearby islands since it was established in 1969.

It is one of the country’s oldest school.

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