Enough of 'Father Christmas': Minister Seremiah

Build on the strength of an island instead of making 'Father Christmas' on every island, said Seremaiah

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Bio-Security (MALFFB), Matai Seremaiah, said his ministry must build on the strength of an island instead of making “Father Christmas” on every island.

The practice of introducing projects to communities making people happy and then unnecessarily fails to complete is enough, he said.

He gave an example of an aquaculture project the department failed to continue on one of the islands after trial due to lack of resources required to complete.

Minister Seremaiah repeated this message of focusing on the strength of each island in terms of development when he was launching several projects on Santo, recently.

The new Sanma Agroforestry and Seed Centre, Sanma Freshwater Aquaculture Hatchery Facility and Sanma Cattle Restocking Program.

The mechanism of such projects is not rocket science, said the minister.

“It’s just common sense. It needs the will and vision to implement.

“We must focus on the strength of each islands when delivering projects.

“For example, there is no need to unload cattle in Shepherds islands which geographically do not have resources for the production of cattle.

“Similar to Maewo, these islands can only raise small livestock and grow vegetables.

“Santo, Malekula and Epi are some islands with potential to cattle farming.

“Tanna in the southern part of the country has grounds for growing potato and onion.

“The future of aquaculture I believe is in the northern Sanma Province including Maewo and Malekula”.

The strong leadership of everyone; the director general, directors and staff within the MALFFB determined the recent successful development activities in the agricultural sector, the minister said.

Minister Seremaiah was applauded for his vision in driving the sector forward to meet the needs of the entire country.

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