Nofo School staff

Nofo School Staff on the Day

“Nofo Worarana School was truly honored to host the Acting and Deputy Prime Minister Bob Loughman and his Technical Team.

“The teachers and staff worked extremely hard to make this day possible, preparing each of their classes with poems, songs, displays, prepared talks and recipes to show off to their peers and parents. It was a special day that gave invaluable experience to many of the students and will be remembered for years to come”.

That was the message from the school for the public of Emae Island to remember.

Despite the rainy day, Nofo Wararana School did everything right to celebrate Literacy and Francophony Day with the historic visit of the Acting and Deputy Prime Minister, Bob Loughman, along with the Director General of Trade, Ambassador Roy Micky Joy and Director General of Agriculture Chief Moses Tinapua and their respective Officials which gave the school the rare satisfaction to host a high Government delegation.

The Acting Prime Minister graced the school and staff with his second speech on the importance of literacy and the importance of being multilingual, after the first one to Napangasale students and staff.

School Principal Kalo Marae and Nofo Wararana school were very thankful to each and everyone that contributed to make this day happen in particular the Law Offices of Timakata & Associates and the EU / ACP Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation’s innovation grant in providing conservation and agroecological sustainable farming books for the School Library in line with current works to certify the island to be Vanuatu’s first organically certified island.

On Friday April 26th , Nofo Worarana School on Emae Island combined a late Francophony and an early Literacy Day in a cross cultural event filled with performances from kindergarten to year 10.

The event was created as the result of the USP Bright Lights Literacy Grant awarded to Nofo Worarana School.

The grant was only applicable by USP Graduates, so Lorna Alick, a primary Francophone teacher teamed up with the school’s Peace Corps volunteer, Annalisa Berardinelli, to apply for the grant.

They were lucky enough to be 1 out of 10 schools in the South Pacific to be chosen for the grant.

With the award, they were able to purchase more learning tools for the library, such as large picture flash cards, alphabets, and large sized books in both French and English. In addition, they were able to purchase a projector for the school and flashdrives for each teacher, with the hopes of introducing technology into the classroom as a way to enhance literacy and engage the students in a new way.

The purpose of the grant was not only to improve literacy by buying things, but to do something with them, which is how they got the idea to put on a day of performances.

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