The Minister of Education Jean Pierre Nirua, supports the initiative of the ‘Vanuatu School Cooperative Society’ and encourages schools throughout the country to take up membership, according to one of the Cooperative’s executive members.

Over 120 French and English primary schools throughout the country have already taken up membership, after the official registration of the ‘Vanuatu School Cooperative Society’ by the Government Official Cooperative Registrar, the Department of Cooperative Society in Vanuatu, early this year.

Since the launching of the ‘Vanuatu School Cooperative Society’, the Executive Committee launched a nation- wide awareness amongst primary and secondary schools in all six provinces of Vanuatu.

The Churches’ run and operated schools as well as government schools in Port Vila, and elsewhere have applied and are being registered as more schools around the country are in the pipeline of being officially registered to become member.

Awareness of the cooperatives to schools focus mainly on the affordable prices on wide range of school materials.

These include exercise books, pens and pencils, rulers, uniforms, sports outfits, school stuff, teachers materials, educational equipment and materials such as whiteboard, chalks, markers, general and specific educational working tools, sporting gears, library educational materials for kindergarten, preschools, primary and secondary schools.

Earlier this year, the ‘Vanuatu School Cooperative Society’ gave an example of the cheap school materials it offers such as a pen that costs Vt8, color pencils packet at Vt50, protractor at Vt15, glue stick at Vt13, black board duster at Vt80, exercise books at Vt3, and some materials less than that and depending on the type, quality and quantity.

All materials are imported from countries within the Pacific region and outside the Pacific region, according to one of the Executive Committee Members but at the cheapest and affordable prices which is the whole objective of enabling every student in every schools from Kindergarten through primary and secondary as well as Colleges to be better equipped with study tools and to lift the education standard and less financial burden on the parents, says a Committee Executive Member.

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