Ecole d’Anambrou students taking a break after a practice session for next month’s music night.

Ecole d’Anambrou students are currently in preparation for the school’s annual music night to be staged at the school grounds on August 16.

Kaltuk Kalomor, member of the School Committee Association (SCA) says this year’s music night is mainly to raise funds for the expansion of the school to take in years 9 and 10.

Work on the classrooms should commence in 2020 and be completed in 2022.

Mr Kalomor says the school has gone through some development over the years, however expanding the school to take in years 9 and 10 is their focus.

He explained that the aim is to keep the students who would pass out in year 8 and give them an opportunity to remain until they reach year 10. Kalomor says these days with a rapid growing population it has become a challenge to find space in French speaking high schools when children complete their primary education.

Therefore, providing them with the opportunity to complete the junior high school cycle within the school boundaries will lessen the burden and worry of the parents.

Mr Kalomor is now calling on all parents and relatives of current students and all former students of Ecole d’Anambrou to go and support the school as any support shown will go towards providing more opportunities for the children that are Vanuatu’s future.

The show will be at the school on August 16. Gates will open at 3pm and tickets can be purchased at the gate. Adults pay VT100 and children pay VT50.

Raffle tickets are currently sold by the students at VT200 per ticket. The raffle tickets can also be purchased at Buzz FM 96.

The first prize is a return trip for two to Noumea, followed by a return trip for one. The third prize is a tonne of cement followed by many other prizes.

If any former students, parents, business houses or anyone would like to offer assistance in funding, the Deputy Principal, Felix Nirua can be contacted on, 25623, 5420414 or by email:

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