Representatives from the TRR, Forestry Dept, Livestock, Fisheries pose for a photo after the consultation workshop.

Different Departments within the Ministry of Agriculture and partner stakeholders were introduced to the E-Agriculture Framework on Thursday last week at the Forestry Conference room in Port Vila.

‘Garden Code’ Director, Milroy Cainton, delivered a presentation on the overview of the project and what the project entails in terms of the benefits and advantages for Vanuatu and particularly for the rural communities and people.

‘Garden Code’ is the software company that won the bid to develop the E-Agriculture framework in the Country.

Director General (DG) to the Ministry of Agriculture, Howard Aru, says the purpose of the Workshop is to launch the idea of utilizing modern technology in the field of Agriculture for the benefit of farmers, especially those in the rural areas who most of the time do not have easy access to vital information in regards to their respective agricultural area of production.

He said the dream of the Ministry is to set up an ICT unit to help communicate with farmers in a more meaningful way and this is only the first step towards seeing that dream become a reality for the ministry.

“There are many ICT progresses and developments in the country and the idea here is to strengthen and make use of the unit so that the Ministry can better serve the people throughout the country to be more self-reliant as well as be able to communicate easily with others and also access timely information which they need about the resources and products they are producing,” he said.

The Department of Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock presented on the advantages of using ICT and the developments they have reached so far in the ICT sector.

The Telecommunication and Radio-Communications Regulator (TRR), TELSAT Vanuatu, and the Representative of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) were also present to provide useful information on the developments and progress they have made in the country and how everyone can collaborate to move the country forward in terms of ICT developments in Vanuatu.

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