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PLTA urged for a fair service at the wharf

Richard Nanua

The drivers serving the tourists on cruise ship days, have thanked the Port Vila Land Transport Association (PLTA) for its intervention to resolve irregularities happening at the main wharf.

They made the remarks, following a letter from PLTA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Reginald Tabi Gerian who called for the collection of Vt200 every cruise ship days by the Port Vila City Bus Association (PVCBA) to cease or further action will be taken.

Mr. Gerian said his office has received complaints from members of Port Vila Efate Land Transport Association (PVELTA),who say they have been harassed and subjected to abusive language from certain members of PVCBA, when cruise ships berth in the wharf.

“Take note that currently there is no legal provision in the Public Land Transport Act that prohibit members of other Association to be at the wharf and provide the same service that members of your association are currently providing to our visitors,” he said.

“I am informed further that some of the issues that have led to the harassment and an ongoing argument is a requirement to pay an access fee of Vt200.

“Be advised that the collection of Vt200 being charged to the drivers for wharf access fees must cease with immediate effect as of the date of this letter.

“Any person who continues to collect such fees will be dealt with by the authorities”.

Mr Gerian said that it was referred to the PVCBA in a meeting at the wharf on September 6, 2017 that they need to work together in the interest of the tourism industry and according to their laws,not imposing illegal fees to benefit a few.

He conveyed his appreciation for the leadership and effort done so far to help improve the standard of service and encourage further collaboration with the members of his association.

Meanwhile Donald Massing, the President of PVELTA said that any driver or owner who paid for any fee to become a member of PVCBA or to get entry during the cruise days must know that this is not PVELTA’s business.

He said that any blame should be addressed to the PVCBA committee.

Mr. Massing encouraged every members to undertake the ‘Ambassador Course’, which is the recognized course by the Department of the TTourism.

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