A dormitory in chaos after Hola

A dormitory in chaos after Hola.

Photo: Yumi Toktok Live/Milroy Cainton

“Cyclone Hola left no mercy on boys' dormitories at Melsisi Secondary School in Central Pentecost when it battered the island last week.

"Cyclone Hola destroyed glass louvres on windows, threw tree branches, leaves and general debris into the boys' dormitories as well as forced rain that flooded the boys dormitories.

"Luckily there was no injuries nor death,” says Pentecost MP Francois Chani.

Soon as cyclone Hola left Vanuatu waters and all clear sign issued by the local authorities, the Pentecost chartered a local aircraft, flew to South Pentecost, saw for himself and got first-hand ground information of the impact and damage caused by cyclone Hola, especially at Ranwadi High School and Melsisi Secondary School.

“As a Member of Parliament for Pentecost, I have responsibility for my people.

"While I know that the national government has the overall responsibilities through its agencies to assess the situation and provide all necessary emergency assistance where needed, I as a Pentecost MP wanted to see for myself the extent of the damage caused, then liaise with appropriate government agencies on immediate relief assistance needed and long-term assistance, as and where I can,” MP Chani relates to the Daily Post.

He showed the Daily Post photos he took at Ranwadi High School and the Melsisi Secondary School of damage caused by cyclone Hola.

He said TC Hola partially lifted the roof of the boys' dormitory, destroyed the roof of the sports field, destroyed gardens of yams, taro, bananas, cassava and island cabbage.

“Every garden crops are flattened.

"The people will have to use the flattened crops quickly because they are perishable but still need short and long- term food assistance as well as replanting of seeds and crops.

"By now (yesterday), everything would turn brown including trees and forests,” relates MP Chani.

He said the next day, after Hola left Pentecost, the student boys at Ranwadi managed to lift and place the roof of the boys' dorm back to its structure, but this is not fully secure because of the damaged wooden frames.

Professional repair work needs to be done on the damaged roof of the boy’s dorm at Ranwadi High School.

“Boys' and Girls' dormitories at Melsisi Secondary School were severely damaged by TC Hola.

"Windows were broken, tree branches and leaves as well as debris filled the dormitories with floors flooded by water from heavy rainfall caused by TC Hola.

"I am now in contact with other Pentecost MPs including MP Silas Bule.

"We need to liaise with the national government authorities for immediate relief assistance as well as long term assistance,” says MP Chani.

“I have taken some tarpaulin to the schools to provide immediate temporary cover to some parts of both schools, but the national government needs to act quickly to ensure students pick up their normal study programs again without undue delay,” says MP Chani.

The Pentecost MP says people in the areas where TC Hola did not pass may have not experienced similar effect and impact, but the extent of damage caused by TC Hola in South and Central Pentecost is quite extensive and help is needed quickly.

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