Disaster Minister says thank you for smooth evacuation

The Minister of Disaster Management, Ham Lini, applauded the people of Ambae for responding well to evacuation orders despite sacrificing homes and livelihoods, an overwhelmingingly sad experience.

The donor countries are also applauded for continuing to pour humanitarian assistance to affected families.

They gave more than enough, said Minister Lini.

Generous individuals including companies, non-government organizations (NGOs), communities, students associations, churches are not forgotten.

Minister Lini acknowledged the chiefs of Ambae for helping the government in ensuring the smooth evacuation of their people and the chiefs and people of Pentecost, Maewo and Santo for accepting the evacuees.

The Luganville Municipal Council and Sanma Provincial Government Council being the host to the biggest number of evacuees are greatly appreciated by the minister for the role they played in the evacuation process.

The government is developing a plan on how it will get the entire population back home when the situation becomes stable, he said.

Meanwhile, it (the government) will continue to care and provide for the displaced families in the temporary safe zones on Santo, Pentecost and Maewo until such time the state of emergency if lifted, he added

The minister responsible for the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) said he has received feedbacks from donor countries like Australia and New Zealand on how well the country hasresponded immediately to the disaster.

“They deployed war ships but we were already ahead with the evacuation.

“They (donor partners) have provided a lot of humanitarian assistance,” he said.

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