The attendance of leaders from Malampa to this year’s Malampa Day celebration in Port Vila was very poor compared to last year’s, said a disappointed leader from the province.

“It is sad that though a lot of those that occupy high positions in the government departments are from Malampa yet, only a few including three ministers turned up to join families at Saralana.

“The day is dedicated for all citizens from the province, whether a leader or individual at the grass root level, should respect the day as a public holiday, a time to come together to celebrate the province’s achievements despite political groups and religion.

“All leaders should attend the ceremony to reflect the meaning of unity as an example to everyone else to unite and work together for development,” he said. This leader stressed progress in development cannot happen unless leaders unite.

He continued that more than a thousand people from Malekula, Ambrym, Paama and Lopevi are residing in Port Vila but the occasion saw very few attending.

Malampa Province is one of the main producers in the country that contributes to the country’s economy through its agricultural products and human resources.

This year’s Malampa day is commemorated with Fiji’s Independence Day.

Members of the Fiji Community in Port Vila were at the celebration.

The day witnessed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the parties to enhance cooperation. President of Malampa Provincial Government, William Fred Tasso, and the High Commissioner of Fiji to Vanuatu, Romanu Tikotikoca, signed the MOU.

In 2008, the parties established a relationship by means of a traditional ceremony performed at the time of the Melanesian Spearhead Group Leaders Summit at the Chiefs Nakamal in Port Vila.

The parties now wish to sign this agreement to formalize their commitment to the relationship established in 2008 and to provide a framework for enhanced relationships.

Both parties agreed to work on projects and programs, culture, community, business, trade and communication for the mutual benefit of the people both in Vanuatu, Fiji and elsewhere.

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