Directors to be on contract in 2018

All Government Directors will be employed under contract basis beginning on January 1, 2018.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) made its decision on Wednesday this week to shift all these 48 positions to a 12-month contract basis.

The positions will be re-advertised and recruitments will be made to select the best to occupy the positions, says PSC Chairman Martin Mahe yesterday.

Daily Post was aware reservations were made by directors during the meeting on this change but the Commission has made its final stand to implement this new change beginning as of January 2018.

Mr. Mahe said the changes implemented by PSC is a wake-up call for all public servants to perform to the best of their ability for the good of this Country.

“The continuity of their contract can only be made for those who perform to their best for this nation.”

The PSC Chairman continued that an increment was made recently for the salaries of public servants and PSC will ensure stringent measures are implemented for the performance of workers to justify this increase.

The increase was made from 12.5% to 15%.

Mr. Mahe said the country will expect an impact within the private sector on this pay increase where private companies will have to adapt to the change to keep their top workers in the company and that is to increase their salaries.

“But again, it will always affect the grassroot people because they will have to meet the high costs of goods from the shops if the companies increase the prices of goods and services to be able to pay their workers.”

Meanwhile, the PSC has received equipment for the GPS tracking system and the devices will be installed into Port Vila and Shefa G-vehicles on Monday next week. Santo will be the next followed by other provinces in the country.

Mahe said Public Servants must start to think and feel the pride as employers of this beautiful country and always perform to their best.

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