Director of Agriculture Antoine Ravo has welcomed a personal contribution from Tanna MP Andrew Napaut for funding the return trip of the Chairman of North Tanna Farmers’ Association, Matthew Napuat, to attend a workshop on how to prepare a kava nursery at Tagabe Agriculture Training Centre last week.

While DARD has its budget, the initiative is an ideal one for other MPs in other islands to consider doing the same to help their own field agricultural officers to develop their human resources.

Matthew Napuat is chairman of North Tanna farmers association representing 16 communities.

He wrote a letter to MP Andrew Napuat and explained the reason for the trip and the MP complied.

Asked how he expects to help other farmers in his association, he explains, “I am keen to train young farmers better planting methods and in this case how to prepare a kava nursery where every kava ring that they plant must grow”.

Matthew Napuat completed his training at Tagabe in 1995.

On his return to Tanna, he went into coffee farming then taught at a private school on his island. “Next I became Area Secretary for North Tanna and went full circle to become a farmer again on the ground”, he concludes.

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