Director clarifies offloading of aggregate

Director Tumukon

The Director of Biosecurity, Timothy Tumukon, has said that the batch of aggregate that was recently offloaded in Port Vila was cleared by his office.

Mr Tumukon made this clarification after questions were raised as to whether the aggregate was cleared by Biosecurity.

The original shipment was brought in from New Caledonia and offloaded at Havannah Harbour in North Efate before part of the shipment was shipped to Port Vila.

Mr Tumukon said he sent some of his officers to New Caledonia to inspect the products where they were stored before the aggregate was brought to Vanuatu.

“(The officers) were satisfied with the product and with the quality, quality in terms of biosecurity risks that they did not pose.

“That is why we approved the import of that.

“They actually offloaded in Havannah Harbour in North Efate.

“What was seen in Port Vila was some of that pile of rocks from North Efate being transported here to be offloaded for repair works on roads close to Port Vila.

“That particular consignment, as i understand it, was destined to be offloaded at Mele Bay for the bridge prior to entering Mele village that was destroyed during cyclone Pam.

“I think there were some issues with landing the craft at Mele Beach that is why they had to offload it at the main wharf in Port Vila,” Tumukon said.

The director has thanked the public for alerting his office about such activities.

He asks the public to contact his office at 23519 if they see any activity that is questionable for his office to follow up if it is regulated.

Mr Tumukon stated this in an interview with Kizzy Kalsakau from 96 FM’s Nightly News.


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