The first digitally printed drivers' licences were printed at the TAFEA provincial hub in Isangel on Tanna yesterday.

This is the third national office after Port Vila and Luganville to print driver's licence.

Director of Customs and Inland, Harold Tarosa, says yesterday's first three demonstrations were the first every driver's license to be printed on Tanna.

"This is an opportunity that has enabled us to bring this service to your doorstep," Tarosa said in relation to those wishing to get a license.

He said in the past drivers normally travel to Port Vila to have their licenses made.

The installation of the printing machine on Tanna will hugely reduce transportation costs of between Vt16,000 to Vt28,000 return travel to Port Vila to access the Vt5,000 service.

"It is a new chapter for all drivers in TAFEA, especially on Tanna that use roads.

"Our roads have been improved but they also come with a condition.

"You cannot be on the road without a valid driver's license," Tarosa said of those with vehicles using public roads.

The first license printed by President of TAFEA Province Jeffery Kaut, belongs to Harry Nikiau.

The second was printed by First Political Adviser to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, Mr Tony Naliupis and handed to Mr Paul Thompson.

The third license was printed and handed over by Mr Tarosa to David Nalpini.

The first two licenses issued were renewals but the third was a totally new license.

The cards used for printing the licenses are obtained from New Zealand and cannot be duplicated.

Those living in the outer islands that wish to make a license can only send a photograph of themselves to the office with their application and required fee and meet other requirements for their licenses to be processed and created.

President of TAFEA Province, Jeffrey Kaut, expressed the provinces appreciation for bringing the service to the people.

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