Digicel CEO Yaser Maher

Digicel Vanuatu CEO, Yaser Maher.

Digicel yesterday announced the launch of 4G+ services in Vanuatu.

At the official launch, Digicel Vanuatu also announced the upgrade of all its network across Vanuatu to 3G.

The timely launch combined with Digicel’s Christmas Season’s campaign “5 Times data Everyday” brings richer online experience, be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or simply browsing the internet.

The improved data speed is enhanced with the new 4G+ platform operating off 1800 MHz.

Digicel says customers will now get to enjoy up to 80Mbps for downloads and 20Mpbs for uploads depending on their 4G+/LTE-A compatible handsets and location.

Yaser Maher, CEO at Digicel Vanuatu said: “This fantastic new development is the latest step for Digicel Vanuatu as we implement 4G+, an investment that will provide one of the fastest network mobile internet speed, if not the fastest in Vanuatu.

“At the end of the day our ultimate goal is to provide customers with access to the best services at the most competitive prices.

“This 4G+ upgrade, comes at no extra cost to our customers, but will in fact further enable our customers to stay connected with friends and family both at home and abroad with our new and exciting 4G+ with ‘5 Times Data Everyday’ offer.”

Mr Maher added: “Nine years ago, Digicel entered the communications and entertainment market in Vanuatu facing tough competition and today our commitment stands as strong as ever.

“Nine years later, we continue to see a strong loyal customer base which grows rapidly as customers chose the bigger, better and now faster network.”

This network upgrade coincides with the launch of the “5 Times Data Everyday” on 4 of the most popular prepaid Data bundles, available to all Digicel prepaid customers.

As the official sponsor of Van 2017 Pacific Mini- Games, Digicel believes this offer co-creates an excellent opportunity for our customers to experience these games via faster downloads, buffer-less live streaming and instantly sharing high-definition user generated games moments.

Mr Maher said: “We’re here to deliver the best value and services to our customers, allowing them to experience a high quality speed that is part and parcel of our overall implementation strategy and in saying that, Digicel looks forward to bringing Joy to our customers’ homes this Christmas with a bigger, better and faster network experience.”

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