Digicel launches "all in one" bundle

Commercial Director of Digicel Vanuatu Madhukar Saini and Florence Bellon, Digicel Marketing Manager

By Glenda Willie

Digicel Vanuatu has launched its latest special innovative package in a range of flexible value-packed offers.

For those who do not want to be limited by having to choose between calls or data, Digicel is now offering daily calls, SMS and data in a single bundle.

This is a first for Digicel, where customers are able to purchase all three in one bundle, allowing them to do more of what they love, from calling to staying connected via SMS, or to the increasingly popular, social networking.

Yaser Maher, Digicel Vanuatu CEO highlighted that the launching has marked another major milestone in this journey.

“We are launching these unique bundles with the confidence that it will be the perfect solution for our loyal customers-a clear indication that we listen are responsive and will continue to be first to deliver practical digital telecom solutions in Vanuatu. New bundles deliver more choice, more control and are aimed at offering more value.”

The “all in one” bundle comprises of a combination of Digicel to Digicel minutes and SMS, bundled with data in packages designed for multiple users to suit their varying communication needs.

To take advantage of these offers, prepared customers can dial 678# to select the set that is right for them and their daily needs or call Customer Care on 123 to know more.

Aiming to make life simpler for its customers, Digicel chooses simple digits 678, which in this case is also the country’s code, to make it easier to remember.

Meanwhile, Commercial Director, Madhukar Saini acknowledged generous support from all Digicel customers towards the Digicel technical team who worked really hard during Cyclone Cook, ensuring the network was up and running.

Digicel is proud that its team have managed to have 90% of Digicel network up during the Cyclone Cook.

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