DGs must perform up to expectations: PSC

DGs and PSC staff posing for a group photo at Le Life Resort.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has asked each new Directors General (DGs) to collaborate at work in order to achieve the Government’s goals.

This was conveyed during an induction program for DGs this week.

PSC Acting Secretary General (SG), Jean Yves Bibi said this is the first time for the PSC to organise a three-day induction program to help the new DGs understand the government mechanisms better, their roles and PSC requirements.

The PSC wants to ensure everyone understands the objectives of their employer.

“In the past when DGs are appointed they tend to build their own empire and do as they pleased,” said Acting SG Bibi.

“Today things have changed, DGs have to work in line with their Performance Agreement signed with their contract and must achieve their goals.

“There are three priorities that DGs have to learn from this induction program from different speakers, one is management of human resources to carry out government goals, second is budget management to achieve their respective goals to achieve their goals and lastly, they must work closely with the PSC to carry out the government’s priorities.”

He told Daily Post that if a DG does not perform to standard as required the PSC has no choice but to take a disciplinary action.

“As stipulated in the Performance Agreement, every DG has six months to perform,” he explained. “The commission will do the first review after six months from their appointment and the second review after next six months. The review is twice a year and if any DG does not perform according to the standard required by their PA, we will not hesitate to take a disciplinary action.”

During the induction, different offices from the Legislative, Judiciary an Executive talked about their service in line with to achieve government goals.

Many of the new DGs have different work experiences either in the government or private sector.

The new DG of Lands, Arthur Faerua who was in the private sector for many years said this induction program is very important.

“This induction program aims to bring us (DGs) in line with new objectives and expectations of our employer (PSC) and it is a very important process because in many areas there are expectations,” said DG Faerua.

He said the induction program is the best way to kick start works assigned to DGs.

“Overall it is a positive step and it will also ensure that from this day onwards people that are employed by the PSC know from day one what is expected from them. Regardless of whether you are an officer, manager, senior manager, director or director general we all have to meet work expectations”, DG Faerua said.

The induction program at the Le Life Resort will end today.

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