Hog Harbour

Distributing bags of seed nuts to farmer in Hog Harbour

By Len Garae

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has distributed a total of 26,646 seed nuts to coconut farmers in Sanma Province, Penama Province and Shefa Province from February to April this year.

The latest figure has been confirmed by Coconut Specialist Italio Bororoa at DARD in Luganville, Santo, where the Vanuatu Agriculture and Research Training Centre which supplies the seed nuts is located.

The report shows that from February to April 2017, DARD in Luganville has distributed 8,250 seed nuts to farmers on East Santo, 2,380 to farmers on South Santo, while farmer Peter Talivo on West Malo received 400 seed nuts.

In Penama Province MV Makila distributed 3,780 seed nuts to farmers on Maewo while on Ambae, MV Keidi and MV Salebrum and LC Tina have distributed a total of 10,836 seed nuts altogether to the farmers.

An overall total of 14,616 seed nuts have been delivered to farmers in Penama Province altogether.

A total of 1,000 seed nuts have been delivered to Tagabe Agriculture Station for distribution to coconut farmers on Efate.

The distributions are in line with the present Government’s policy to support the productive sector on those islands which traditionally have depended on copra as an income earner.

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