Daily Post Price Unchanged

The price of a Daily Post is always printed at the top of the front page as part of our masthead.

The price of a Daily Post has not changed.

The Daily Post was concerned to note that some stores have used the recent VAT rise to increased the selling price of newspapers sold over the counter. This is not right. 

The price of the weekday newspaper remains VT 100, and the price of the weekend edition is still VT 150.

The price of a copy of the Daily Post is always printed at the top of the page.

Customers should never pay more than that price. Normal prices have not changed and will not change until further notice. Trading Post Ltd has made a corporate decision to absorb the increased VAT into our operating expenses, and not to pass the additional expense on to our customers.

Stores do not collect VAT on the Daily Post. They receive copies from Trading Post Ltd and remit a fixed amount for each copy sold. Trading Post Ltd, which owns the Daily Post, collects the 15% VAT and remits it separately to the government.

Customers who have paid more than the sticker price for copies of the Daily Post should return to the store in question and request a refund. If no refund is forthcoming, they should contact us directly so that we can follow up. 

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