A community meeting house, crops and family homes at Asanvari in south Maewo have been buried in a landslide triggered by rain last week.

The landslide send rivers of mud carrying debris down the hill into three villages threatening everything in its path including homes, the spokesperson of the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Presly Tari, reported from Maewo.

“A pregnant mother in one of those villages managed to escape from the landslide which occurred early morning.

“Another mother with her five children had a lucky escape. Their father was away from home at the time.

“A community meeting house for another village has been buried by mud as well as crops in the village where the hydroelectric project is.

“Mud flow also buried three homes in the third village. All family members are safe and everyone else from the affected villages,” Tari told the Daily Post.

A disaster team that was deployed to distribute relief to Ambae evacuees in south Maewo will determine the extend of the damage in the areas, he said.

The Penama Disaster Office, Manson Tari, is part of the team sent to analyse the damages caused by the landslide.

NDMO will respond once it received report of the full extend of damage, said Tari.

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