Representatives of the China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) and its subsidiary company China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) were emotional during the recent handing over of the Vanuatu Road Rehabilitation Project Phase 1.

CRCC President Shangbiao Zhuang expressed his sincere congratulations on the completion of the project and made known his respect for Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, describing him as ‘someone who always put his people in mind’.

“As one of the pioneer corporations in the One Belt, One Road initiative, CRCC stepped foot in the South Pacific since 2003 through its subsidiary company CCECC,” he said.

“Now the relations between the company and the friendly people has come to the 17th year anniversary with delicate operations in these pearly island countries.

“CRCC and myself always pay attention to its operations in Vanuatu and the road project phase 1 is funded by China Export and Import Bank of which has drawn great attention from high levels from both countries.”

Mr Shangbiao expressed that looking backward, they were filled emotions since the commencement of the project they were faced with challenges related to procurement, transportation and have experienced natural disasters.

“During TC Pam, we witnessed the loss for the locals and the experiences of Ni-Vans from losing homes and families-we chose not to turn a blind eye of all those difficulties and challenges,” he said.

“Having suffered great loss for the company during TC Pam, we diligently provided and assisted the locals by clearing the roads to the villages and in supplying the humanitarian relief supplies.”

Mr Shangbiao said that regardless of the fact that they lost their property and seriously damaged equipment, they promptly devoted themselves to the rescue efforts.

“We went through all those difficulties together, if you ask me the reason why that’s because we are family and close friends with locals and we were not prepared to observe and leave our families to suffer,” he said.

“That’s Chinese culture, and so is the responsibility of CRCC.”

CRCC insisted on localized operation overseas hence during the construction period, more than 400 Ni-Vans were employed and trained more than 100 skilled laborers on surveying, testing, carpentry, masonry and many more.

“The success of the project did not rely on the endeavors the Chinese had put, it is the outcome of collaborations from both Chinese and Ni-Vans and the crystallization of win-win cooperation between China and Vanuatu,” Zhuang said.

Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu, Haicheng Zhou reiterated that he is delighted that many people have already benefited from the roads on Tanna and Malekula.

“Infrastructure connectivity is the top priority for future development, especially for Tanna and Malekula where tourism and agriculture are the main pillars,” he said.

“Tanna and Malekula are developing faster than ever before, both economically and socially and i believe for phase II the foundation for these islands development will be more solid and yield more fruits in the future.”

In response, PM Salwai said that he is confident they will work more closely as partners like they did for the project in the past three years, and that it will be a great success for Vanuatu to meet its development objectives in the years to come.

“It’s another opportunity granted for CCECC to deliver phase II, we have no excuse to fail it and i believe our team will deliver with the same speed and quality as phase 1.”

CRCC is one of the world’s most powerful and largest integrated construction group, ranking 58th among the Fortune Global 500 as well as 3rd among ENR’s Top 250 Global Contractors.

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