The Daily Post wishes to make the following correction to the article published in the edition dated November 30, 2018 on page 2 under the heading “No Guilty Verdict Found in Case of Fordham shooting.” Daily Post wishes to make it clear that:

1. There was no evidence from any evidence at the trial and no finding by the Judge that Mr Fordham had sought by any means, to persuade any person to make any statement that Mr Fordham or anyone representing him knew to be false.

2. There was no evidence at all about a private prosecutor and no finding by the judge concerning a private prosecutor.

3. There was no evidence, no finding by the Judge and nothing that could give rise to any implication that Mr Fordham had in anyway sought to bring about a prosecution of the defendants on charges he believed to be false.

4. There was no finding by the Judge that the charges were false. The finding was only that the charges were not proven “beyond reasonable doubt.” This does not mean that the charges were false.

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