Security Company eyes legal action against Gov't

Owner of Tewalu Security Service, Charley Quensell

A local security company has vowed to take legal action against the Government, for alleged wrongful contract termination. 

Owner of the Tewalu Security Service, Charley Quensell, has claimed that the Minister of Health (MOH) has used his power to influence the termination of the company's contract with the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) after an incident he (the minister) encountered at VCH premise after working hours.

Tewalu Security Service has been providing security at VCH since 2015.

Its contract has been terminated recently in February this year, just after it was reviewed in December 2017 for another six months.

Owner Quensell claimed the minister did not respect parking rules and was not happy when the security officer on duty tried to confront him.

This, he said,  led to the termination of the contract termination.

He conveyed he received the termination letter from the Director General of the MOH despite a consultation that was held to discuss the termination.

The Daily Post has tried to reach the DG via phone for a response from the MoH without success, prior to print.

However, a source close to the Minister of Health said the security company has failed to perform its responsibilities outlined in the contract, alleging that its employees were disrespectful to visitors.

"The security officer did not have courtesy to confront the minister politely," he said.

"The company has breached its contract obligations."

However, Mr Quensell maintains their contract with VCH was internal and external parties have no right to interfere in the matters of the contract.

The contract stipulates: "The VCH Management reserves the right to terminate this agreement in the event that, the security contractor fails to provide the service as agreed".

Quensell told Daily Post he will file a lawsuit for breach of contract, damages to property and defamation.

He said his company is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for patients, staff and visitors therefore, has set up rules in place for hospital visitors.

"These rules applies to all visitors, regardless of their status," he added.

Daily Post was told that employees of Tewalu cooperate well with hospital staff and have been controlling the flow of visitors.

Tewalu Company has nine employees. All were laid off from their job at VCH and have been replaced by new officers. 

It has also been confirmed to the Daily Post that another security company that the government is hiring to secure the health ministry and department at the Iatika Complex near the hospital, is operating illegally.

The business name has been registered but it does not have a business licence to legally begin operation or provide security services.

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