Consulting Vanuatu, Port Vila’s local recruitment and employment agency, has partnered with Birches Group LLC, a leading provider of salary surveys in developing markets, to launch a salary survey for NGOs and the private sector in Vanuatu.

“We often get asked for salary advice particularly from local NGO’s,” said Tim Hewatt, Director at Consulting Vanuatu. “The Birches’ salary survey covers over 300 development organisations around the world. It’s a proven methodology designed for developing countries and already used by organizations such as Oxfam, World Vision, DFAT and the World Bank”

The addition of Vanuatu brings the total number of countries surveyed by the Birches Group to 149. The survey uses specially designed interviews with every participating organisation and captures all elements of compensation including base salary, allowances and benefits.

“We see the salary survey as a natural extension to our existing practice, which is focused on helping organisations meet their workforce needs through recruitment managing contracts” added Consulting Vanuatu Director, Lenise Monteiro. “We already work with many of the same clients as Birches Group, which has a strong presence with the international development community.”

Gary McGillicuddy, Managing Partner of Birches Group said, “We are excited and very pleased to have a well-respected partner like Consulting Vanuatu to assist with our entry into this market. We have received inquires over the years and know there is a pent-up demand for survey services of the type we offer. We hope to launch two surveys in Vanuatu – a multi-sector survey for private sector and international organizations, and a separate survey of international NGOs, known as NGO Local Pay.”

Consulting Vanuatu will be inviting NGOs and interested employers to presentation functions within the coming weeks to introduce the surveys. More information about the survey is available at

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