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Front row from left to right: Api Mete from MIPU, Director of Livestock Lonny Bong, Acting

Minister MALFFB Jotham Napat and Director of Agriculture Antoine Ravo with stakeholders

By Len Garae

Acting Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Forests, Fisheries and Biosecurity MALFFB), Jotham Napat, says it is timely to do everything possible to operate within relevant policies or laws to direct all official programmes.

The Minister called on all the stakeholders with linkages to the Department of Livestock to provide all the necessary support to allow Consultants Ham Bulu (former Attorney General) and Thomas Banga (former Director of Department of Livestock) to draft a new proposed Livestock Act.

He made the call when he launched the workshop at Ramada Resort yesterday.

The Minister said he has cattle, pigs and chickens but what he needs are relevant legal provisions to provide direction for him to care for these animals.

The Consultants held the consultation workshop at Ramada in partnership with the Department of Livestock, to present the outcome of their findings after talking to farmers in all six Provinces, towards drafting the proposed Document.

Stakeholders at the meeting included the Heads and Technical Teams from the Department of Agriculture, Department of Livestock, Department of Forests, Department of Fisheries and Department of Biosecurity and Department of Land.

Consultant Bulu said the purpose of inviting the stakeholders to the meeting is for them to find out what their roles are in relation to the Department of Livestock, to contribute to the Government’s policy to increase the number of cattle from the current number just over 90,000 heads to 500,000 by 2025.

Bulu said the core message to stakeholders is to tell them, “This is the core function of the Department and this is your role where each one of you fits in to impact the work of Livestock to achieve its objective.

“So the message of this meeting today (yesterday) is for everyone to pull together as one team to achieve 100 percent or one hundred plus percent instead of sitting back with a shrug that the policy (to achieve the required number of cattle) is strictly for the Department of Livestock.”

Director of Livestock Lonny Bong said the Government has implemented its cattle policy to increase the number of cattle to a healthy level.

“The Government is also committed to collaborating with the Ministry of Trade and Tourism to link the two sectors,” he said.

The Director thanked the international development partners including the European Union for its prominent cyclone recovery support through the imminent EDF 11, for their support of the productive sector.

He named the Pacific Community and Food and Agriculture Organisation as two of them in the Region.

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