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Amos Bong before entering the cell last week

Notorious conman Amos Bong has been rearrested and remanded on allegations he purportedly stole more than Vt700,000 in cash, after posing as a salesman for a leading vehicle dealer in Port Vila.

The Director of the Department of Correctional Services, Johnny Marango has confirmed that Bong has been remanded.

Bong was released on parole recently and still signing at the Correctional Centre when he allegedly stole the amount from a victim who was about to purchase a pickup truck with Carpenter Motors.

The unhappy man who came to Daily Post expressing his frustrations said he just returned from Australia on seasonal work and wanted to purchase a family transport when Bong allegedly stole his money, claiming he was one of the salesman of the company.

Bong had met the victim inside the premises of Carpenter Motors but not inside the company office.

The victim said he went to Carpenter Motors on May 17, 2019 to purchase a truck when he saw Bong standing inside the vehicle dealer premises, well-dressed acting like he really works there.

He said that Bong called out and asked if he wanted to buy a truck in which they agreed and Bong allegedly conned them that he was the company’s salesman.

He said that he allegedly asked Vt50,000 claiming that he will pay the insurance and other required vehicle operating documents and asked them to come back on Monday with another Vt650,000 to purchase the truck.

The victim said that the following week Bong came and picked them up at their home and instead of going to the company, they stopped at Ellouk near Digicel head office where the victim handed him the cash.

Then Bong offered for a test drive.

The man said that when they arrived at the company premises he told them to stay outside and he went inside alone and came back with a staff and they chose the truck and went for a test ride.

After the test drive, Bong told them that they should go home and he will deliver the truck once the company finalised every paper works.

The family was waiting at home ready to welcome the truck but Bong never showed up with the truck.

They called him and the conman confirmed he had the truck with him but the road condition to the victim’s house was not good so he kept the vehicle but promised to deliver it the next morning.

Then next morning the family came to his house expecting to see a truck but Bong’s relatives admitted that he is a conman who has made life on others’ hard work.

They realised that the money must have already been used.

The victim started looking for Bong.

At the time, he didn’t answer calls and was hiding at Bukura with a female partner.

The man’s family had to pursue Bong and took him to the police. He is now remanded awaiting the investigation of his case.

Carpenter Motors’ Sales Manager Chris Tari said this should be a lesson to everyone who wanted to purchase a truck in the future.

He said all deals are being drafted and signed inside the company’s office, not outside.

Records showed Bong was just released on parole after he was sent to prison for eight months for similar offences.

The ‘Conman behind the suit’ is the name authorities have given to Bong as he is very convincing and has a way with words that make people believe him easily, conning big business houses and even farmers from Pentecost and Erromango in the past.

Bong has made headlines since 2012 when he started his con-practice, targeting mainly those who have assets and those who are seeking opportunities to look for jobs abroad.

At one stage, he received a suspended sentence.

None of his victims were refunded and he personally has no assets to guarantee the loss of what he cons from his victims.

Bong is a well-known conman in Port Vila and despite the rehabilitation program he went through while serving time in custody, he still has not changed.

Police confirmed there are two similar cases against him which have been registered and the current case is the third.

Police added Bong must be kept away from the community and needed to be locked up for a very long time.

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