Nagriamel National Spokesman, Jeff Patunvanu

Nagriamel National Spokesman, Jeff Patunvanu ( Photo supplied)

The national executive of the Nagriamel Political Movement has described the termination of the Air Vanuatu (Operations) Limited, Board of Directors as ‘politically motivated’.

Nagriamel Secretary General, Jeff Patunvanu, said the Nagriamel Movement executive meeting via a teleconference on Monday, 18th of September, discussed the issue of the recent termination of the Board of Directors and considered it a ‘serious issue’.

The national executive stated that there are no valid grounds to trigger the termination is viewed by the Nagriamel Movement as politically motivated and driven by few factions of the current government and it is believed to be from the Moderates who are shareholders of the institution, the Nagriamel Movement alleged.

The Nagriamel Movement said grave concerns has been raised in the sense that the terminated Directors had done a lot of good work to lift the airline from its financial difficulties position from ‘ red to green’, the Movement alleged. It added that the current CEO and the Management of the Air Vanuatu (Operations) Ltd need to be commended for the good works in the airline.

“The Nagriamel Movement views that the termination as purported to be from the Council of Ministers had been without basis as there is no audited accounts to support or show adverse discrepancies under the guidance of the terminated Board. Further, the replacement is highly politicized and there is fear that the airline may take a dive,” the Nagriamel Movement conveyed, via a statement.

“The Government of the day needs to be cautious because of its main incomes from the air travel tourism Air Vanuatu is a key player in that sector. If the Government destabilized the national airline then it could trigger a shock to create instability of the airline.”

“In this view, the Nagiramel wishes to make its position very clear that it does not entertain such instability in the airline and Nagriamel will stand firm to defend good governance in both the airline and the national government. It is viewed that certain terms to form and to enjoy the current Government stability had been somewhat overlooked and has been damaged. If it means that Nagriamel be divided; it will be for good governance as it has always uphold the principles of accountability, stability and good governance.”

The statement was issued after the three shareholders,which included Minister of Finance Gaetan Pikioune-also from the Nagriamel Movement, acted on a COM decision to terminate the Board of Directors.

The terminated Board of Directors was chaired by Mr. John Lum-the President of the Nagriamel Movement.

The Government Public Relations Officer could not confirm the names of the interim Board members, however, Daily Post has been reliably informed that the interim Board members are:Emiliano Buletare, Loic Bernier,George Iapsen, Adela Aru and the late Antoine Pikioune.

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