CCECC Excavation

Boulders rolled down to the entry to the excavation site, a few meters away from the footpath and the road.

Concerns have been voiced over the safety of pedestrians and vehicles as the excavation taking place next to the Tana Russet Plaza has sent rolling boulders, just meters away from the footpath and the road yesterday afternoon.

The digger, manned by a single chinese worker was scooping earth along with rocks into a pile but there was no dump truck on the site to remove it.

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) Public Relations Officer, Lilyrose Welwel said the company was granted approval from the Department of Environment and Geology and Mines to start work on the site.

“The documents clearly outline the safety requirement we must follow in doing excavation works on the site and the conditions we have to comply with, for the safety of the public and protection of the environment,” she said.

“We have copies of the permits that clearly indicate these conditions.”

Ms Welwel reiterated that the use of the double lane scaffolding was part of the measures taken by CCECC to guarantee that there are public safety conditions in place.

“Should CCECC be required to advance our safety measures, if there are concerns of public safety or if there is the cause of damage to properties, then we will meet the terms of those conditions when given to us by the respective authorities,” she said.

On another note, the dump truck used by the CCECC to remove piles of earth and rocks from the site is still running without a registered number plate.

“The application of a plate number for the dump truck transporting the stones is still in process, however due to the urgency of the project we have to use the vehicle to transport the stones out from the site,” Welwel concluded.

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